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Marco Moreo
Marco Moreo
Marco Moreo

MarcoMoreo shoes are born from the style of their creator. Marco Moreo is an eclectic man who loves beauty in all its forms: he is an all-round aesthete. A man who loves wearability and comfort, essential design that never descends into the banal. His mood is casual, yet nothing about him is actually casual.

His footwear stems from this, from a subjective need to appease a very personal taste that is able to become a universal language steeped in style and aesthetic identity. Objects created from a blend of classical inspiration (clean, essential, proportionate lines) and the power of more contemporary details: it is the detail that captures attention, that defines the style, that creates his mood.

Women inspire his style. Everything is created for them, everything takes shape in function of their stylishness. Marco loves women who are capable of appreciating themselves, women who are aware of their idiosyncrasies and their assets. The MarcoMoreo Woman is refined, she has an eye for detail, recognises the value of a particular feature and adopts it as her own. She is not showy, she conveys elegance in its purest form.

A woman who knows how to create a personal style that transcends a particular fashion-trend, who appreciates a quality product with the right price/quality relationship. She is elegant, modern, dynamic and active.

marcomoreo GIUNONEVBPC
€ 166,90
marcomoreo GWINETTNCIP
€ 159,90
marcomoreo ZAIRANATO
€ 179,90
marcomoreo LOLAPCCP
€ 179,90
marcomoreo PERLAVINE
€ 184,90
marcomoreo VIOLAVINE
€ 164,90